If you need a reminder of how dominant Florida T&F is, here’s the proof

If you need a reminder of how dominant Florida T&F is, here’s the proof

The Gators are having a particularly successful season so far. Both the men and the women of the University of Florida are prospering on a conference level among other teams in the SEC, but also thriving on the national stage. This weekend at the Clemson Invitational, Florida sophomore Grant Holloway recorded the third-fastest 60 meter hurdle time in NCAA history, clocking in at 7.49 seconds.




Holloway is just one of the many gifted athletes the Gators have acquired over the years, and also one of the many who have stepped up to the plate already this indoor season. One of the most interesting and crucial statistics to consider in deciding a team’s success is conference rankings. Between the men and the women, Florida is currently leading the SEC in six different events, and have another seven athletes ranked in the top three. This is especially impressive when the other heavyweights in the conference are considered: Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia and LSU, just to name a few. The SEC is arguably the most competitive track and field conference, with a high percentage of nationally ranked athletes coming from the fourteen SEC schools.

Aside from this conference-level achievement, the Gators are also excelling on a national scale. On the women’s side, Florida is leading in two events, with the fastest time in the 4×400 meter relay and the individual with the most points in the pentathlon. On the men’s side, the team has national leaders in three events, recording the fastest times in the 60 meter hurdles, the 300 meter dash, and the 4×400 meter relay. When you take into account the nearly 350 Division I schools in contention for these rankings, leading in five events becomes much more impressive. The team is currently leading Division I with the most national event leaders.

Since 2010, the Florida men’s team have been national track and field champions six times, with three indoor titles and three outdoor titles under their belts. The women’s team has also claimed one indoor national championship. Although it is early in the season and results are bound to change, The Gators are off to a phenomenal start. They are laying the foundation that is necessary to build upon throughout the season. If they keep up their current performances and continue to improve, both teams have a remarkable chance of adding even more championships to their already impressive resume.

The Gators are back in action on January 26 and 27 at the Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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